Questions about templates and presets when updating?

I have a few versions of Cubase on my drive. Over time I create VST presets and templates and other user data.
Where are the user templates and VST presets (as opposed to the Steinberg templates) stored? Do they get auto upgraded? How does this get transferred from version to version?

thank you Z

My templates and vst presets have always transfered during an upgrade.

But… can’t hurt to make a copy of the files before hand.


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That’s peculiar I was under the impression mine did not. There is a lot more besides, I have just finished setting up my surround system which I have to do for each update, I find that my presets on the whole do not transfer between major versions. My worry is that their may be long forgotten system tweaks that don’t port across versions.

I thought you mean’t applying the maintenence releases.

For major version upgrades it is has been a gripe of many (me included) that most of the user preferences do not come over. But… you should be all set if you copy the user preference files you are concerned with to a “safe” location before hand then paste them back in after the upgrade.

The link I provided shows where the user preference files are located and what they store. So look for the user preference files you are concerned with and save them.

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thank you - the list is useful but also scary - so easy to loose track of stuff!