Questions about the instrument editor

Hi everyone!

Very happy with the newest Dorico features. I’m slowly getting to know them.

Been trying update my template to use the new instrument editor by adding different versions of strings for example (one for each one of my libraries). But I’m encountering the following issues:

  1. Dorico crashes sometimes while using the editor. But this has been reported already.
  2. All instruments I create for specific families like strings are ordered as if they were completely unrelated instruments in the setup window. For example, this pacific cellos I created show on the top of the setup window and I have to move them to where the strings are so they are close to other celli in my template.
  3. I think this issue is related to the previous one:

The Pacific Celli in my score show separated from the rest of the strings. Maybe I’m missing some engraving option here.

The Instrument Editor doesn’t (as yet) provide any way to add newly-created instruments to Dorico’s automatic score ordering list, so for now you will have to drag the instrument into the correct order in the Players panel.

I am not sure why the “Pacific Violoncello” instrument is not being bracketed correctly, though. I assume it is correctly listed in the Strings family? Have you edited the bracketing in your project at all? Could you attach a short project here where this is going wrong?

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Thank you for the quick reply.

I’m going to start creating a template from scratch on a new project and report back. It might be some option gone wrong. But yes, it’s listed as part of the strings family in the instrument editor.

The custom instruments don’t need an import from the library like other library elements, right? If one is made default they should appear in all my projects?

Yes, if you save them as default they should be available in all your subsequent projects.

Dorico Template.dorico (763.9 KB)

Here’s a project file. To make sure there wasn’t some option messing with the brackets I started a new project from scratch (there might still be some general option I messed up with).

I still get the issue with the custom string instruments not getting the brackets along with the rest of the strings.

I’m also encountering issues with the routing to either VEP or Kontakt hosted within Dorico for the custom instruments. Sometimes they load just fine, sometimes I can’t get sound out of them, and once that happens no matter if I change the routing to some other vst, port or channel I still get no sound.

I’m afraid I’m not sure what’s going on with the bracketing here I’m afraid, but I’ve logged it for one of my more capable colleagues to work out.

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Thank you Richard!