Questions about the new Steinberg Licencing system

This applies to all SB product but I’ll ask the questions here.

Statement from Andreas Stelling


Andreas says

Today, many musicians have two or more computers: but the eLicenser system only allows the software to be used on a single computer with a Soft-eLicenser, or on the computer to which the USB-eLicenser is connected.

The New system only allows 2 authorisations - why limit it to just 2 ?

How will the sign on work for people with multiple versions of software across multiple e-licensers ? What licences will it allocate on an ‘authorised’ machine ? How can you manage what licence lives where ?

Will legacy licences on an e-licencer continue to be available for upgrades after the licence servers are switched off ?

The primary reason is that end-users have long requested the ability to have their software activated on both their desktop and laptop computers. It will be easy to deactivate from one computer and activate on another.

You can sign in on as many computers as you like and activate whichever software is necessary on that computer. So you could have Cubase Pro 12 on Machine A and Dorico Pro 4 on Machine B.

The exact date when we switch off the eLicenser servers has not been established and this will be a one of the considerations to address in that discussion.


And this will work for various versions of the same software. Dorico 4 / 5 / 6 (!) etc…I can pick the version of the licence that is authorised on a particular machine ?

and if I have two Dorico 4 licences in my account, authorising a machine will just remove ONE licence from the account and allow me to use the other on another machine…ie the licence manager understands multiple software versions AND multiple licences.

hope that makes sense ?

Yes, they will appear separately and can be activated/deactivated separately. Of course, it’s worth noting that we will keep the concept that a license for a more recent version will all an older version to run (ie. if you activate a license for Dorico 6, it will allow Dorico 4, 5, and 6 to run).

Just to use the right terminology, activating a license won’t “remove” anything. If you have 2 Dorico licenses, that would mean you could activate the software on up to 4 different computers that you own and use. The important point to note is that the licenses are single-user licenses and the 2 activations per license are for your flexibility and not for simultaneous use by different people.

it’s worth noting that we will keep the concept that a license for a more recent version will all an older version to run (ie. if you activate a license for Dorico 6, it will allow Dorico 4, 5, and 6 to run).

understood - of course that only applies to products that have been updated/migrated to the new licensing model… Dorico 6 won’t allow a dorico 3 instance to run. So not quite as flexible as the existing system.

The devil is always in the details and I’m guessing we will have to wait to see the authorisation manager to see if there are any ‘gotchas’

Even though I understand and accept the need for a change, as somebody with multiple dongles and no problem at all with the current system I see no advantages for me - and in fact less the new system offers flexibility and long term licence security.

That’s progress : )

We’re just at the beginning of the possibilities with new Steinberg Licensing system, and I’m confident there will be advantages for you too as we unlock the potential in the future.

thanks Ben

let’s see what unfolds…

The current e-licencer isn’t going anywhere for a while - I suspect it’s going to be a couple of years at the very least before SB can switch off the e-licencer servers as there is such a vast collection of software real-estate that is going to need updating - like all the ancient Absolute instruments that I bet nobody knows how to maintain any more.

Much simpler for you guys/gals in Dorico and PG in Wavelab to absorb… but the wider SB world. … :scream:

I’d hazard a guess that those two years could easily drag on to be much, much longer :slight_smile:

For sure old licenses on dongle will work for a long time. Some will survive both yamaha and steinbergs as companies. The internet license can be shoot down in 30 days for scenarios that are unthinkable of today.