Questions about the USB eLicenser dongle versions

A question about purchasing a USB dongle…

The attached link lists the differences between the (current) 4 versions of the USB eLicenser. It says that you will always receive the latest version of the eLicense dongle when purchased from the Steinberg Shop and that new USB eLicense dongles are available from other Steinberg retailers.

My question is asked due to a recent conversation I had with Musician’s Friend customer support. There is no assurance that you will receive the latest USB eLicenser dongle when purchasing from them (and I will guess, other retailers). From MF, if not satisfied, you could return the item but, who needs the hassle.

Question) Is there something like a UPC code (or item number) that differentiates the newest version of the USB dongle from the old ones? If yes, please reply what these codes are as I’d like to specify the code (or item #) if I purchase from a Steinberg retailer. Thank you

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Why not buy it from a place that will actually tell you what you’re getting? I wouldn’t waste any time with one that wouldn’t. Try Sweetwater, Sam Ash, or just buy it from the Steinberg online shop.

Steve, I guess you don’t know the answer to my OP…

I did try Sweetwater too (just didn’t list it in my op) and they did not know either. I could easily purchase from the Steinberg online shop but, these other retailers offer free shipping and, if applicable, you can apply rewards points cash. This would be a $6.99 savings minimum just for the shipping costs.

Both retailers said that if I could tell them the UPC (or other item code) they could physically check and ensure shipment of whatever # I told them.

Since the newest version of the dongle was released in mid 2015 it is most likely that these retailers only have the latest version. But knowing/ordering by the correct item number might prevent some hassle.

Bottom line… I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask here to see if different ID codes for the different versions could be reported. The money I save will go as a down payment towards my next Big Mac meal. :wink:

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I did try to find a SKU for the newest one, but all I found were the same as what Sweetwater lists for the latest one.

Thank you.

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Following up on this…

I did order a USB eLicenser dongle from Musician’s Friend. I received item 502009050 (UPC 80224009050) which measures 3.8 cm. According to the link I previously attached this is the latest version of the USB dongle.

Like I mentioned… I saved a few bucks ordering from MF because of the free shipping and my ability to apply some “rewards bucks” to my order.

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Right on.