Questions about updating from C11 to C12, Grace Period, etc

Hi everyone,
I have Cubase 11 Pro on my eLicenser, activated and working fine, etc…
I just purchased the update to Cubase 12 Pro.
I received an email with the Download Access Code.
I am planning to switch from the eLicenser to the Steinberg License Manager system (i.e. no dongle) when I activate.
The question I have is: Can I still wait for the next version of Cubase to come out and use a Grace Period?
The reason I am is confused is because I got a Download Access Code instead of an Activation Code, which makes me think it is already activated and I just need to download it. If that is not the case, when would I get the Activation Code? After I use the Download Access Code? Perhaps the Grace Period no longer works or doesn’t apply to the Steinberg License Manager system?

Basically, I think I want to wait for the next version to see what features are improved and then use the Grace Period with my recently purchased C11 to C12 Pro update. Is that still possible? How does it work?

Thanks for your help.

That’s possible, but it’s probably going to be a long time until Cubase 13 is released, and you’ll miss out on the free plugin vouchers.

Thank you for your reply.
So, what do I do? Go ahead and enter the Download Access Code, install and then just don’t click on “Activate” in the Steinberg License Manger? Are there no more Activation Codes?

I have the License Manager installed and have Cubase AI and Dorico SE installed and activated but I thought I remember getting activation codes for those but it has been a while.

I may still go ahead and activate (need to look at those free plugins and features more closely) but just want to know how to go about it if I decide to wait.

In the new system, your license is added to your account and activated as soon as you use the download access code. You can then use this license on up to 3 computers simultaneously.

Using the Download Access Code is the same as entering an activation code to your dongle in previous versions. That’s when the license counts as being “activated”.

Cubase 12 has added several features aimed at advanced users. I would recommend checking them out.

Thanks for your help. I have been doing some homework and reading about the activation process in the Steinberg Support pages. It appears that, if I decide to wait, I can just hold on to the Download Access Code and complete that process later.

I wonder if there are any planned changes to the Grace Period policy in the future?