Questions for High Precision

Dear Steinberg support team,

I am developing a USB AUDIO device.
USB AUDIO devices support PCM 32bit integer.
If you use this device with Cubase, High Precision and No High Precision will appear in the device list.
When using a High Precision device, playback from Cubase becomes noise.
When using a device without High Precision, it can be played correctly from Cubase.

PCM 32bit integer works correctly in a different application than Cubase.
PCM 32bit integer in another application is normal, but in High Precision it is noise.

My USB AUDIO device wants to work properly with High Precision.
I also predict that USB AUDIO devices will not meet the requirements of High Precision.

Are there any Required specifications for High Precision for USB AUDIO devices?
If so, can you provide it?

Steinberg Product you are having issues with:
Cubase Pro 11 (version 11.0.41 build 448 - built on Sep 27 2021)
Mac or PC:MacBook Air (M1, 2020)