Questions from an Electronic Musician

very excited about Dorico – congrats to Daniel and everyone involved!!

as a songwriter and electronic music composer, i’m primarily curious if i can do a lot of my writing w/in Dorico, then export as ‘tracks’ for more heavy-duty mixing. apologies in advance that these questions are coming from a very DAW-based workflow (i fully realize Dorico isn’t intended to be a sequencer replacement):

1) will it be possible to bounce instrument groups as stereo stems for additional audio sweetening/mastering in a DAW??

2) how robust (or limited) will the editing parameters be in Play mode (i.e. note length, CC info, etc)??

3) for hybrid scores, are there any plans to allow external audio (loops, etc) to be incorporated w/in the Play section??

4) somewhat unrelated question… i’m an instructor at a private college – will there be volume licensing for computer labs, or does the EDU price translate to a per-seat cost??

other misc musings:

  • i understand HALion Sonic SE 2 does not have an arpeggiator included w/ the synth; but, if this is expanded upon in the future, it would be interesting if arpeggiated notes would be automatically transcribed in the score (i.e. like the FlexPhraser exporting to MIDI function).

  • video integration for film scoring would be a great time saver.

  • also echoing comments made in other threads – hopefully Kontakt will ‘play nice’. :smiley:


  1. We will certainly have audio export in Dorico; whether or not we have support for bouncing individual instruments/tracks as separate audio files directly in the first version, I’m not sure at this stage.

  2. We plan to make it possible to edit all of the basic note parameters (pitch, of course; duration; onset; velocity) and to also provide channel data like continuous controller data.

  3. We will not have any integrated playback of loops or arbitrary audio tracks in the first version, but this is something we may well be able to add in future.

  4. Multi-seat licenses for Dorico will follow the same sort of pricing structure as multi-seat licenses for Cubase, for what it’s worth.

Excellent, thanks Daniel!!