Questions on UR44C

Good morning
I wanted to know if after setting the UR44C card with the DSPMIX software for IOS with the various mix settings, stereo or mono inputs, and other things all these parameters remain stored in the card even after turning it off allowing me to use it in live even without software but with the previous settings …
Then I wanted to know if setting the inputs 1 … 6 in stereo I have monitoring both in headphones and in the line and main outputs in stereo
Lastly I am trying the IOS app but I have not yet purchased the card and I realize that every time I close and reopen the app the headset 2 that I had previously switched off turns off … it’s normal
thanks at least I decide whether to buy it

If I am correct the APP is always in “demo” mode if you do not have the interface, so i guess nothing will be saved

But what interests me most is that the settings remain in the tab after turning it off in order to use it alone without having to connect it to a PC or iPad

Yes, I did a quick test, opened the DspFX mixer, a guitar in input 1, loaded a EQ, the Distortionamp and dialed some reverb in.
Then closed the Mixer, shut down the interface and turned it back on without the DspMixer opened.
All settings are still there. Hope this helps

Great !!! sure that you have been of help, it was a doubt I had … And you confirm that I have stereo or mono monitoring on the headphones according to the setting I made for inputs 1 … 6 ?
Because I had an UR 22 MK II and the headphones 1 and 2 were only mono

The stereo masteroutput also goes to the headphones, so if your source or inputs are stereo the output also will be stereo.

Thank you very much for your availability
You clarified my ideas
It is just what I needed.
I really think I will buy this card
Thanks again😉