Questions regarding Cubase Artist 11


I recently bought Cubase Elements 11 and am considering upgrading to Artist, and wondered if anyone might be able to help me with a couple of questions I have:

  • In Cubase Elements’ Halion Sonic SE there are a really limited number of piano sounds: specifically, there’s no grand piano sound, apart from the general midi one and a ‘hard grand piano’. Does Halion Sonic in Artist include more sounds? Are there piano sounds elsewhere in the Artist version?

  • I’m currently using a software based e-Licenser, but understand I’ll need a USB e-Licenser for Artist (I don’t have one currently). If I buy the Cubase Artist update, will I be able to upgrade from Elements and does anyone know how I go about doing that? I’m looking at buying it from Gear4Music, and it says it’s an upgrade from Cubase AI… is that the same thing as Elements?

Any help would be much appreciated!


AI is not the same thing as Elements. Is this place really selling boxed versions?

DAW Software | Gear4music

Looks way too sketchy for me. Why don’t you just order directly from the Steinberg online shop?

They don’t mention anything about the USB-eLicenser. That, for one, would tell me to “just say no”.

If you wanted, you could even upgrade to Artist 10.5 from AI for a slight upcharge! What a bargain! Hurry up, though … only one left in stock!

Skip this place. Seems pretty shady.

You get the same sound packs for HSSE in Artist as you do in Elements.

You can get a nice grand piano from Spitfire for $29 right now.
They also offer a few other specialized pianos for free in the LABS section.

Thanks. I’ve bought a few things from Gear4Music before, and I was mostly looking there because it’s £127 for the upgrade rather than the £190 that the Steinberg online store charges, but it makes sense if AI is different to Elements.

Thanks. It’s strange that the Artist version doesn’t include a decent set of piano sounds out of the box. I also own Studio One v4, Artist, and that has a few good piano sounds, so I guess I can use those, I just prefer Cubase overall.

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