Questions regarding features in vst live?

So I wanna buy vst live for use of a keyboard in a live setting but im unsure of the features.
1.Is it possible to split the keyboard, to have different vst on different sections of the keyboard?
2. Is it possible to have different vsts preloaded change between them easly? if so how can u trigger this?

Yes. Each Layer can be set limits to both pitch, and velocity. So one Layer to the left with a bass, another Layer to the right with an entirely different Instrument (plugin, preset, volume/fx etc). Also any combination and overlapping.

Yes. You can have multiple Layers in each Part, and you can change Parts by key commands or Actions, which have a MIDI learn function. Furthermore you may apply the “Preload” function which preloads all plugins and their respective preset; once done, changes between Parts (and thus, Layers) are almost seamless.

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tnx for reply, seems exactly what im looking for