Questions regarding MTC & OSC in Nuendo

Hello, my name is Anas

I’ve small app I developed to help me as script management / digital rythmo band system for Dubbing - for now only in RTL based languages -

I managed to link my app with Nuendo using MTC

and this is great, fine
but I also managed to link it with reaper with OSC,
and actually that blowed my mind as it is possible/easily to do it ( bi-directional )

so my question since there are some features in Nuendo based on OSC

is it possible to do it like in reaper, or to see it supported in upcoming releases

actually now I can manage my app ( as slave ) using nuendo
you can see the begining of this video, the rest in Arabic but the begining explain the idea of the app :

and the only left thing from MTC side is that is not easy to do it biderctional like OSC

also if there is a better way to integerate timecode between Nuendo and other app , or someone to contact… I’ll be very thankful

thank you