Questions regarding "Use Pattern Midi Port ..."

Hello there,

I loaded Spiritual Love Mix 01 from Simon Phillips Studio Drums.
Then I wanted to drag the Intro 4 Pattern to Cubase.
The weird thing:
I can drop any of the other Patterns and it works.
ONLY with the Intro 4 Pattern it triggers some more Pads and is def. not what Intro 4 contains when triggering it inside GASE5.

Also interesting: when using “Use Pattern Midi Port for Pattern Pads” it works for Intro 4!
With the other Patterns the Midi Port button doesn’t do anything.

Any ideas?

Ouké I’m sorry, this also happens with another Pattern dragged to the Host.
I guess I still don’t get the “Use Pattern Midi Port …”.
So basically after dragging Midi to the Host DAW → you HAVE to or should use the “Use Pattern Midi Port …” button or else it might interfere with other Patterns and the Intrument-Pads,

Well, I found other posts about this topic. But none explaining it completely. Neither the manual does that in its entirety.
The thing is I still wonder:
NOT activating the “Use Pattern Midi Port for Pattern Pads” button, BUT setting it to Midi channel 2 the triggering works. Why does it work without being activated?


  1. The Cubase GA instrument track set with Midi to ANY channel (All, 1 till 16 whatever) + the “Use Pattern Midi Port for Pattern Pads” button activated
    = it works

  2. When the "Use Pattern Midi Port for Pattern Pads” button is NOT active, Midi channel 1 + omni do not work → any other channel DOES work

I do not understand this. In my thinking when the "Use Pattern Midi Port for Pattern Pads” button is not active it shouldn’t work no matter what channel…

Hence now my question is:

Where do I get to see which Pattern Pad and also which Instrument Pad is connected to which Midi Channel?

In the manual it says that Pattern Pads would have “priority”.
This is kind of misleading in my thinking.

So I GUESS that the Instrument Pads have Midi channel 1.
I’ll be quiet for today and wish for a simple and sweet explanation from a kind hearted community member :nerd_face: :sunflower:

Some patterns may contain notes that are used by both the instrument and pattern pads. So a midi note may play an instrument pad but also trigger different pattern pad at the same time.

You can use different midi port for pattern pads to avoid this.

Thank you! I see I see :nerd_face:

The only thing I don’t understand is:
why does setting the Midi channel (next to the" Use Port …" button) to 2-16 result in a working scenario? It is not active but works → seems to set Patterns apart from the instrument Pads.

Also the Port-button should be like above both sections, logicwise. Or under Global Options.
Three suggestions where it could be:

That’s my point of view. Maybe there are other perspectives on that matter.
Please comment on that. So we get an even better GA in the future :robot: