Questions regarding Vocaloid and/or Vocaloid in Cubase

Do you use Vocaloid?

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  • No
  • No, but I am considering it/am curious about it
  • No, but I own/use a different voice synthesizer program
  • What’s Vocaloid?

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Hello (:

I am Move-Forward or Move->Forward

I would be happy to answer any questions (that I can) regarding Vocaloid and/or Vocaloid use in Cubase

I myself do not use the Vocaloid3/4 Editor for Cubase, but I use Piapro Studio in Cubase

If you are not familiar with what Vocaloid is,
Vocaloid is a voice-synthesizer, like a singer on your computer
You can type in what you want them to sing, and they’ll sing it!

Can you say Milli Vanilli… I don’t use it but it looks interesting. The problem I have with this type of technology is the computer trying to replace a real human voice not helping to improve a singer’s performance. What happens when you have to perform live? I hope it doesn’t become another auto tune thing where everybody is using it and lip-syncing. :astonished:
I think I will stay away from Vocaliod.

So Move-Forward,

Do you have any idea why Steinberg has not been promoting Vocaloid? I mean one would think that IF this is going to be integrated into Steinberg software (it’s from Yamaha) like some websites seem to infer that there would be some “hype-building” and whatnot, right?!

Just seems like Yamaha and Steinberg would be splashing this ALL OVER the place as a new feature for like Cubase 10 or something.

Any inside info?



What? Yamaha own Vocaloid? That’s news to me…
As far as I know vocaloid is only really popular in Japan, not so much elsewhere.

Yup… My understanding from their main website is that it is Yamaha owned.


VOCALOID™ STORE is an official store of VOCALOID™.
Permission and under license by YAMAHA, and operated by Bplats,Inc.
Copyright© 2012 Bplats, Inc. Under licensed by YAMAHA

Although, “licensed by Yamaha” could mean something slightly different than how I am interpreting things…


Oh, goodness! It sure would be cool to know why but I don’t know

Yes, Vocaloid is mostly popular in Japan
That could be part of why

Maybe if there was a German Vocaloid or Vocaloid got really popular in Germany?

And yes, Yamaha I believe developed Vocaloid
Though I think it may have actually been first developed in Brazil
So they maybe worked alongside a company in Brazil for Vocaloid

Some companies work alongside Yamaha and create their own Vocaloids

Or some companies distribute certain Vocaloids themselves

But Yamaha’s got some of their own

I think it works like that~