Quick access to track volume in arrangement window

Using cubase 10.5 on a laptop and wondering if there’s any way to access a tracks volume fader without switching to mixer view or opening it in the inspector.
Read a few posts which were quite old and people asking about this and it seemed to be not possible at the time…
Wondering if anyone’s got a workaround or if anythings changed…?
Having it in the track control area seemed to be the general request…


Use hardware DAW controller. Or keep Channel Settings Window open, which follows the track selection.

Thx Martin
real estate is a little tight on a laptop so not really an option to keep channel settings open.


Would using Workspaces help? It’s just one Key Command hit far.

At the other hand, I understand your Feature Request. I just try to help to find a way, until the feature is in Cubase (hopefully).

Yeah appreciate your help👍
I’ve got multiple shortcuts set up that help me navigate round and without doubt this is one of cubase strengths., to be able to set these up.
There’s always something. though, isn’t there, that would just help speed things up and seems odd that isn’t available. Tweaking levels as you’re running through a song in the arrangement view is a pretty constant thing for me and the feature already being there for group tracks, in the truck control area makes me think it would be pretty easy to implement…

Have you tried the lower zone mixconsole? I find it acceptable (from a squeeziness point of view) for a laptop.