quick automation question

hi all

I understand the concept of automation. I have used it to get filter sweeps going in some of my soft synths. That’s great.

I have a problem finding some of the automation I have written.
The effect in question is Toraverb by D16.
I can see data for say volume, but for some of the more obscure controls i.e. amount of FX send, I can’t seem to find the data.

Changes record ok when I tweak the FX knob but I can’t find where it’s at in the same way that I can find volume

The manual for the effects unit is not much help here.

Have you tried right clicking on the track and selecting show all used automation?

you know what - that’s exactly it. I feel a bit stupid for asking but I have hunted high and low in quick controls and MIDI CC messages. It didn’t occur to me to just right click on the track

Thanks so much

I have similar things happen to me, I have looked at my own posts before to remind me about a solution I have since forgotten! :slight_smile: