Quick Connect stopped working with the MR816

I was using the quick connect feature of my MR816 all the time and it seems to have stopped working under Cubase 10. I hope it is only a bug…?

Damn, I just bought two of these on eBay. Can we get this fixed please Steinberg?

I have to correct… it works… but unreliable. I started another session today, and it actually did work today, so at least the feature was not cut completely (which I feared).
A big “please” to Steinberg at this point: Please do not drop support for the MR series any time soon, as you did with other hardware. This is the number 1 reason I hesitate buying Steinberg hardware: I fear that they drop driver and feature support some years after the launch. Hardware is NOT software, I want to use my hardware 10 years maybe 20 or even longer if I like it. It might be ok, to release a new software every year and to drop support for it 2 years after it, but it’s not ok for hardware…