Quick Control Config File

When we assign track quick control to a Instrument Track, these settings are saved in a file. So when we create a new instrument Track with the same instrument, the track controls that we already assign are automatically recalled.

This is very usefull because it’s possible to configure the quick controls for each instruments that we can load in track instruments.

In this way, when we create a instrument track, the quick controls are all configured and recalled.

Here’s my question :

In which file these assigned quick control configuration are saved ? Because i want to backup this file, to save configuration time when i will need to format and reinstall my setup.

Thank you for your help !


I never checked this myself but maybe someone can confirm that it is the “Insert Preset” or more likely the “Track Preset (user defined)” file location as shown in the attached link.


I suppose you could check it yourself by making a backup copy of the file. Then go into CB, save a test preset, then make a backup copy of the (hopefully) revised file. Then replace it with the original backed up file to see if it loses the test preset.

Regards. :sunglasses: