quick control / generic edit / mapping PRE GAIN to a knob for selected chan

I’d like to map a knob on one of my controllers to always control PRE GAIN on the SELECTED channel. Has anyone done this and what is the category/type/device to set for this? Does it have to be done via generic remote or can it be done via another method? I am always setting pre gains and having a knob would be much faster than mousing about.

It has been on topic for years. Same problem with the hi/low cut in the same section.
The only solution that I know is avid Eucon.

UGH. That is very unfortunate. Thanks.

It a really silly limitation. Since it can be done with a eucon it is only laziness why it not work with generic remote.

it’s pretty baffling to me how many times I come across what I consider to be basic/core things I wish to do and it turns out… you can’t. I try everything on my own first and then resort to forum and it usually turns out that what I’m seeking to do, cannot be done. maybe CUBASE 11???

I found out that pre-gain and input phase is avaible on MCU. However not hicut or lowcut.