Quick Control Presets saved with and for specific plugins

If I have a set of plugins inserted on a project, I want to be able to right click on each one and have a selection of saved Quick Control presets specific to that/each plugin, that I could then click on, and have it load into the inspectors Quick Controls tab. Could have multiple presets for each plugin, depending on what controllers you are using, and what you are wanting to control in the plugin.

I would think being able to switch between these Quick Control presets fluidly without it breaking the programs playback or focus and cancelling a recording in process would be essential. Also I think essential for just on the fly creativity, quickly grabbing onto controls, or having a performance mapped out where you switch presets.

+1 - Excellent idea - the current ability to save QC presets does not feel complete or well designed - once you have a lot of them it becomes problematic. Your other idea here would also be an excellent improvement if QC presets were improved. Also, there is another similar request for QC improvements here with good suggestions.


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