Quick Controls - Automation Lane?

I have a VEPro setup and therefore deal with the very annoying separation of MIDI tracks and audio returns.

I have a quick control in each MIDI track assigned to the volume fader of it’s associated audio return, which allows me to quickly adjust the volume on the mixer without having to find the audio return.

However I’d really like to be able to see the volume automation of that quick control within the midi track itself…is it possible? Or is there a way to quickly navigate to the audio return that the quick control is referencing?


That’s very nice workflow, I like it.

Do you want to see the QC automation in the Key Editor or in the Project window?

Thanks Martin! I’d like to see the automation in the Project Window…


I tried to set it up the same way you have. And now, I can see your point.

The QuickControls behave as a “hardware input”. So you canonot see the automation curve of the QuickControl. You always see just the curve of the controlled parameter. Next point is, you cannot see an automation curve of one track in another track.

So I’m afraid, it’s not possible, what you want to achieve.

I’m not sure how the following would work out in practice (when using several tracks/instruments), because there’d be quite a bit of initial setting up to do, but try putting the MIDI track and the Instrument Return tracks into a folder track… at least they’d be together (eventually :wink: )

Yeah I’ve thought of that approach, but it seems like it would be just as inconvenient to have that many folders clogging up the visual workspace as it would be to have to hunt for the audio return.

Considering hope popular VEPro is with Cubase users, hopefully Steinberg will add the ability to combine midi and audio tracks into “one” at some point. They essentially allow that functionality with external instruments - we can create custom “instruments” for external units like a Moog and have it come up like an instrument track. Why not expand that functionality to work with ALL tracks?


An Instrument track is a MIDI track and the Audio Return in one.

An Instrument track is a MIDI track and the Audio Return in one.

Yes, but it’s not possible to take discreet audio returns and discreet midi channels and slam them into a custom instrument track.

Unless I’m mistaken. Please show me how to do this if it’s possible, it would be an amazing workflow enhancement for VEPro users!!