Quick Controls issue


I have a problem with the Quick Controls in Cubase, the Modwheel of my MPK mini controls the “Cutoff” and sometimes also the Modwheel within VST instruments. It seems to me that there is a double occupancy within the controller …

Attached is a video of the problem and an illustration of the Cubase settings.

I would be very happy about your help, as I have already watched a number of YouTube videos and still do not have a proper understanding of this topic.

Best regards and thank you in advance



As far as I can see, you are using MIDI CC1 (Modulation) in the VST Quick Controls. So if you send MIDI CC1 out from your device, you control the Quick Control 1, instead of sending MIDI CC1 (Modulation) to the track. Therefore the Modulation wheel doesn’t move.

If you use the red joystick, you control the MIDI CC1 = Quick Control (again) + Pitch Bend (because this joystick is sending these 2 MIDI Messages). So the wheel which is moving in the Retrologue is not Modulation, but the PitchBend wheel. This is probably what confused you.