Quick Controls Preset in Mixconcole?

Hey All,
I want to open add my Quick Control preset to my track in MixConsole but I cant find where the preset management in in MixConsole.

I know I can access the presets for QC in the inspector but when I add multiple outs to a vsti (Superior Drum3) I can’t see the audio outs in the project window, thus I cant load a QC Track Preset to the Audio outs for SD3

I want to add my Quick Controls preset to my 8 stereo tracks from SD3 but I can’t, how do I? And no, I dont want to do them all (64) by scratch, defeats the purpose of presets. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in Advance


Yes, the Quick Controls Preset button is missing in the MixConsole.

Ok Thanks, hope it gets added back. The only way I can do it now is to copy the chnl setting of the original VSTi audio track (w QC preset added) and then paste it to all of the multi outs in MixConsole. Not ideal but at least it saves me from having to do the same thing 64 times