'quick Controls', why are they pre-allocated?

Hi guys!

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems quick controls were not pre-allocated before. Now, when I load a synth up, the quick controls are already pre-allocated. I’m testing Tone2 Saurus at the moment, and this question came up over some issues with cross-talk between instances due to quick controls being pre-allocated. I thought this was a feature that was handy to use by selecting a parameter of our choice to be controlled by ‘x’ ‘y’ or ‘z’ knob, etc.?

Anyway, I find the pre-allocation a bit annoying. If it’s something that has to do with preferences, I don’t think pre-allocation should be there by default.

Any thoughts on this?

Why is it annoying?


Yes, this is quite new feature of Cubase. It makes assignment automaticly. But you can change the assignment yourself, and very quickly.

Well, first off, I just don’t like things being pre-assigned when they don’t need to be. Just the same as the way I don’t like an OS to automatically tell me where files get downloaded to, or installed to, etc. I’d rather take a minute to select something, then have it be done for me. Of course, there are going to be many exceptions to the case, where something is a normal part of the process, and automating it makes everyone’s lives easier, but I don’t think this is the case here.

When I open Saurus, the first quick control is set to the synth’s main volume. 9.9 times out of 10, I’m going to automate the ch.'s volume not the synth’s. This assignment is pretty useless for me, so an attempt to save time was done in vain.

For Albino, the first parameter assigned is OSC1 waveshape. For DCAM Synth Squad it’s Perf1, which makes absolutely no sense at all. Gladiator doesn’t have any pre-assigned parameters. So, now I need to search to find out what has been assigned to what, because not all synths load up with the same parameters assigned to the same knob, and not all synths load with pre-assigned parameters to begin with. There is no consistency with this feature.

Also, there is the organizational aspect of it. It’s looks more cluttered to have every slot filled up when you don’t need it. I don’t find that I usually need to automate that many knobs on every synth in a song anyways, and even if I do, I would be surprised if they would match with every parameter that was pre-assigned. I think it just makes things more cluttered.

Collapse the qc pane to prevent clutter.
Click clear once to clear all slots.
Qc preassignment depends on the plugin, their sorting of Automation params presented to the Host.
Use Track templates for your own preassignment.
others find preallocation usefull.

There really are way more important things to think about for cubase development.