Quick Controls with endless encoders

I am using the 8 endless encoders of a Novation Remote 25SL MKII (without automap) to control the Quick Controls of each track. However, if I am switching tracks the values of the QCs also change, which means I get a jump in value when turning the encoder. This is pretty annoying and makes the whole idea of a endless encoder useless, because it acts exactly as a standard pot.

So is there a way I can make Cubase transmit the current values of the QCs to the Novation, so I am starting at the correct value when turning the encoders? And if so, are the LED rings also updated when switching tracks?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Couple of ideas here. Go 2 device setup and then quick controls. Here, you can set flags for receive transmit and relative. You could set up your controller to send relative messages instead of absolute messages and check the relative flag on the quick control setup in Cubase. I got it working on my Axiom Pro. Cubase is capable of transmitting a message to the controller when values change but of course your controller has to support it and know what to do with it. Likely some programming of the controller on your part.

Thank you very much for your input!
I tried every relative mode in the Novation, but none of them seem to work with Cubase. One is only transmitting the values 63 and 65, the other one is incrementing and decrementing in steps of 65, which means there are actually just 3 values I can reach. The closest I can get is with a mode called “apot”, which does work as expected when incrementing, but when decrementing only the values 63 and 0 are possible… :cry:

I couldn’t believe that there is no mode which only sends steps of 1, so I tried my Behringer BCN44 and it works!! It also has three relative modes, of which the first works as expected, the other two behave the same as the ones on the Novation.

Seems like I am stuck with using the absolute mode with the Novation…

With the Novation controller, when you use the mode that you said only transmits 63 and 65, is that just what values the controller is displaying or is that the values being set in Cubase. The reason I ask is because on my Axiom Pro, the mode that works, only displays (on the controller display) the value 63 when turning the knob counterclockwise and 65 when turning the knob clockwise. The Quick Controls in Cubase respond correctly however. It makes sense to me that the controller only displays 63 or 65 because it really has no idea what it is incrementing or decrementing the value to in Cubase.

I was also curious about the Behringer you said worked. Does it have a display? If so, does it display the correct values that correspond to the Quick Control values in Cubase?


Sorry for the long break, I haven’t been in the studio the last few days…

In the first relative mode the keyboard shows -1 and +1 for left and right rotation respectively. However, the Quick Controls only have three values (0, 63, 127). The second mode is basically the same, but takes acceleration into account on the keyboard display - still only three values in QCs. The QCs also react in the wrong direction btw, so left turn is 127 and right turn 0.

The apot mode displays the same values on the keyboard as the second relative mode, however, the QCs respond in the right direction and as expected when incrementing (0 to 127 in steps of 1).
When decrementing again there are only the values 0 and 64 available.

The Behringer only displays 0 when turning the encoder, but I don’t have a midi input connected to it…

Midi Monitor shows that the only values the Behringer transmits are 1 for increment and 127 for decrement, so I guess this is what the Novation also should transmit but simply can’t… :confused:

No Novation users here? (not using automap )