Quick Controls


I installed my upgraded halion Sonic yesterday and have been using it in anger today. One question: why aren’t the quick controls of the default halion sonic mapped to the cubase quick controls for the halion sonic tracks? There’s a new menu in cubase quick control to set default QC’s for plugin, when it does this the controls are for volume/pan/ fx sends 1-4 etc not the actual parameters on Halion Sonics quick controls.

Am i doing something wrong here? I’ve had to manually set them which is a PIA each time. My CC121 automaps to the QC so it would be very easy if HalionSonic and cubase read from the same page.



That’s exactly how it works with Cubase 6.
You just have to install the HALion Sonic 1.5 update.



thanks Oliver,

I have the latest boxed version is that 1.5? I’m away from the studio at the moment so can’t check.



To answer my own question; the boxed version isn’t the latest :smiley:

I’ve updated to 1.5 and all is well,

Thanks Oliver :slight_smile: