quick controls

Hello all,
Could someone explain the difference between “Track Quick Controls” and “VST Quick Controls” to me.

Do you mean instrument tracks or audio tracks?

It seems the vsti quick controls are mirrored in the track inspector.

If its an audio track, the quick controls can be set to control eq’s pans, send and other things.

Instrument or VSTi Quick Controls are controls that are on the GUI of the instrument and are specific to that instrument that can be assigned to control most any of the parameters within the instrument such as filter cutoff, resonance, reverb mix, distortion level, etc. They are specific to THAT instrument only. Think of them as “local” instrument quick controls.

Track Quick Controls, are specific to each track and can be assigned to parameters on that track’s output channel (pan, fader level, etc.) or parameters on that track’s instrument, including (if the instrument has them) the instruments own quick controls.

So, an example…

Say you have an instrument (HALion Sonic) which has a program that you want to control the filter cutoff and the reverb level while playing. You could assign the instrument’s quick controls #1 and #2 to those two parameters. Now, you can go to the track quick controls for the track in which that instrument exists and assign two of the track’s quick controls to those two instrument quick controls. Then, you could also assign two more of the track quick controls to parameters on the output channel such as pan and the mute (or fader level).