Quick editing

Hi! I am working on an audiobook for someone who wants two versions of the same chapters. The only difference between the two versions is that the first phrase in each file has to be removed from the 2nd version. It’s a big number of files and I don’t wanna waste time by exporting the same file twice. Is there a way you could edit a file inside of Cubase and have it be automatically saved to a folder on your PC? I heard that you could freeze the file but is there another way?


Freeze is definitely a good way. Even doesn’t make a full-length files in some cases.

As a workflow I would first make the longer version, effort it, then cut the events (you can make it all at once, if the length of the cut material is always the same) and effort the shorter version.

If you export offline, the effort itself shouldn’t take do much time.

Other way could be to use 2 tracks and share the audio material. Then use Direct Offline Processes for the editing, which can be applied to all instances of the file. But I think you have to export twice then again.

Be aware, the Audio event, you see in the Project window is not the same as Audio clip (the file representation) in Pool.

Thank you so much for your help! The audiobook is now released :slight_smile: