quick help about splitting a montage!

i’m trying to deliver a couple of DDPs to a client right now… it’s a 19-track album split into two CDs with some specific crossfades and track spacing.

i made the whole montage as all 19 tracks but now need to split 1-11 into CD 1 and 12-19 into CD 2. CD 1 was easy… i deleted the last half, made sure a new END marker was there and done… but, with CD 2… as soon as i delete track 1 of the montage i lose all of my CD WIZARD id markers and naming.

the markers are still present in the montage, but the CD WIZARD window empties and i’d have to create that all over again… when i try to do that it messes everything up and even only creates half of the track markers that are needed.

when i delete tracks 1-11 from the montage this doesn’t happen until track 1 is deleted, whether i delete 11 first and work backwards or track 1 first… as soon as track 1 is deleted it erases the Wizard settings…


Two Ideas:

Either it somehow a bunch of your markers are bound to the first song/clip. Markers can be bound to a clip so that when you move a clip, or delete it, the markers do the same.

You can find Marker Binding settings in the markers Tab, or if you right click on a marker, you can change if it’s bound to a clip or detached.

Or my 2nd opinion is that you need to change what becomes the new first marker in the montage to a CD Track Start Marker. If it’s a splice marker, it will cause CD Conformity problems.

Without seeing a screen shot or video, it’s hard to provide much more help.

unbinding the start marker did it, thank you!

the rest of the markers were splice markers… except the start and end ones… but the “binding” thing did it…

Great. I had a feeling it’d be one of those two things, but it was hard to be certain without having any visuals.