Quick Look on another Mac

Tech question for @dspreadbury:
I keep scores on iCloud, and I’m hoping to be able to see their Quick Look previews on another Mac that doesn’t have Dorico installed. I found DoricoQLGenerator.qlgenerator in the Dorico 5 application package. Can that work independently if installed in the right place? I tried putting it in ~/Library/QuickLook/ but so far it’s not working there.

(P.S. Wonderful fixes and improvements released today!)

In theory, yes, the Dorico QuickLook generator should be able to run without Dorico itself being present. It’s self-contained, so in theory, if you can persuade quicklookd to find it, it should be possible to use it. I wonder whether perhaps, though, the Dorico project filetype is only “known” by macOS once the Dorico application bundle is present on the system.

That’s the key – When the application is found on any mounted volume, the generator works. So I’ve just copied it to this internal drive. Thanks!