Quick poll: Percentage of Cubase users on Mac/PC

Percentage of users on Mac/PC

  • I run Cubase on both Mac & PC
  • I run Cubase on a Mac
  • I run Cubase on a PC

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Just a simple, not-very-scientific quick poll to get a rough idea of the percentage of Cubase users on each platform, at least among forum users here anyway.

From my observations, my guess would be not that far off from 50/50…maybe something like 60/40 : PC/MAC

My observations, though completely unscientific, would be more like 80 pc/20 Mac.

Yeah, I’m wrong a lot. Doesn’t stop me from trying. :wink:

Hey, ya gotta be wrong occasionally just to remind people how right you are 99% of the time :wink:

So whats the point of the poll?

Maybe the same reason as with 90% of polls in these kinds of forums: curiosity.

I answered: PC. But I’ve been using Mac also.

you missed out atari !


Feature request: Cubase for C64!


Yeah, not a vote on which is better, just curious as to our distribution.

^bumping for europe, asia, the middle east, africa, and a few islands in the pacific including the land down under^

Not to hijack this thread, but what would the difference in performace be, between the MAC version and the PC version ( I have the PC version)

No guess involved: about a fourth of Cubase users are running under OS X.

Lets see how the distribution across forum users will turn out :wink:


made my day! :smiley:

In which kind of data is this based on? If it’s about under which OS the license was registered, I would be counted as OSX user, while 99.99% of my time with Cubase have been on Window$.

Then, maybe every time I launch my Cubase the software sends information about my system to Steinberg. That sounds scary!

The numbers in the poll are converging nicely to Helge’s stats :slight_smile:

Indeed they are. But I still would like (in the name of curiosity) to know where Helge gets his stats.

a fourth… that would be a quarter then :laughing:

Under “My Steinberg” > Personal Data there is a section that stores what platform you have chosen at some point. For me so long ago that I don’t remember the process that I went through to select it.

I would imagine as the marketing guy he would have some reports that he can run that tell him this kind of stuff.

Oh! I see. In my profile it’s “Mac & PC” … just like it should be. But for gathering real usage statistics it really should read 99.99% PC / 0.01% Mac. But … well … probably 99% of people are either Mac or PC fanboys/cheerleaders and refuse to be multi-platform oriented … so mine (and other multi-platform people) entries are just some irrevelant noise on the statistics.