Quick query, audio parts

I’ve just bought EZbass because I have some DI recordings I want to tidy up. I tried to drag the bass part into the Audio Detector of EZBass and it ignored it, I tried again with the Vocal and Guitar parts and it converted them happily. On looking more closely I see that my bass parts are different, they don’t have the fade in/out markers or the gain tab at the top center of the parts. They are also titled “Take 1” as opposed to an actual audio file name, in the Pool they are nested under “Bass_1_06”.

I’m sure I can load the Bass audio part back in and faff with it but for future reference what have I actually done here to change these parts?

Most likely it is Events vs. Parts

You want to be using Audio Events which likely is what the Vocal & Guitar are and not use Audio Parts. Check the manual for a full explanation of the difference.

Thanks raino, I supsected that. I need to have another read up and get my head around it.

The essential difference is that Events are the basic building blocks like a MIDI Note or Audio. Where Parts act as containers that hold Events inside them.