Quick question about Dorico playback options

Hello Dorico users,

I’m considering a crossgrade from Sibelius.

I just would like to know : does Dorico allow looping a section for repeated playback, like in a standard sequencer like Cubase ?

I would be very helpful for training purposes (sight reading, sight singing, etc).

Icing on the cake would also be an incremental speeding up of the looped section playback

Thanks in advance for your input !

Dorico does not yet include a playback looping feature, I’m afraid, but this is on our wish list for the future.

Thanks Daniel,

what a pity !

JUst 2 questions :

  • I still have to find a scoring sofware wtih that (apparently) simple feature. Is it because it is hard to implement in this kind of software, or just beause it is not identified as a real need for customers ?
  • And would you say it is a feature on the wishlist for a foreseeable future or for a distant, unknown future ?

It’s perhaps not as simple to implement in scoring software as it is in other MIDI-based software because of the indirect relationship between the notation and the resulting playback: with MIDI, one event is always one event, but with notation you have to convert each printed notation into potentially many MIDI events, and then if you want to loop in the middle of something that produces a lot of MIDI events (like a trill or a tremolo) then that needs special handling.

All that said, I definitely think that having a proper looping feature in Dorico would be useful, and it’s on our wish list for the future.