Quick question Batch import - Batch Tag all files?

I’d like to find a good workflow for importing (understand that part fine) and then tagging a bunch of fxp’s - what I mean is a general tag name - such as a the library name of all the files in one pass… The import is simple enough,but to tag a large numbers simultaneously is where I’m failing to see it.

anyone in the know?

I do know that I can go into the vst3 presets folder and find the imported folder - I can rename this folder,so at least I know where my files are,and also the search function will then pull the folder up, but to tag all these quickly would be great.surely this is possible no?

Just select all the imported fxp’s in the Halion 4 Mediabay and start tagging… hit enter/confirm/whatever and be happy with your batch tagged sounds …

Not quite it seems,as I’m not able to view the Library Name when trying to do that. In the main mediabay window, the only options when BATCH TAGGING so it seems are rating,category,sub category,character,style substyle,comment - none of these are relevant to the Library Name.

this is my issue,not being able to batch tag them according to the Library Name as a whole library…

perhaps I’m missing something? Can you batch tag via Library Name?

Yes you can, top right corner of the media bay will be a small square/box icon, click that and you can choose which headers you want/don’t want in order to tag your files. Just be sure to save a screen set after you are done customizing or you it will end up back to the default headers you listed above the next time you load up Halion 4 fresh. I was banging my head off the wall all day wondering why it wasn’t sticking like I expected until I did this.

Thank you for clarifying this my friend

Np. If I could sort out any frustrations due to the headers not sticking, then I have done my job lol. I don’t anyone to go through those annoying niggles like I did.

Definitely thanks again, your method works great… :smiley: