quick question for Windows version users

hi, i used windows until cubase 5 then switched to mac and now i’m on Nuendo 6 on mac

one thing annoyed me on the windows version that is not on the mac version, and it was that i could not scroll horizontally with my mouse’s scroll wheel, i could only use the vertical scrolling and navigate horizontally holding SHIFT.

is it still like that?

i’m considering switching back to windows in the future.

all the best!

For me it has always been that way. I use the scroll wheel for vertical and the scroll button to drag horizontally (can do vertically but I don’t use it that way). I have my left hand on horizontal zoom buttons on my external keypad. That’s my work flow for navigation. It feels intuitive and fast. No complaints here.


thanks! but could you reply to my initial question?
i’m not sure i understood well from your answer.

all the best

Yes, as I said it has always been that way. Scroll is vertical, holding shift will give you horizontal.


thanks a lot for your help

i wonder why it’s this way on the windows side…since it’s very very useful and comfortable to scroll horizontally using just the mouse…

anyone think this could be implemented?

what? it is implemented. Hold SHIFT scroll the mouse … Which part of “it’s worked that way forever” isn’t clicking?

scrolling right and left with the mousewheel or the touchpad on a macbook pro, without holding shift…

it’s so simple…we can navigate around any direction on the mac side, why can’t we do this on windows?

If you use the wheel button (click it) you can scroll in any direction. I usually want to do one or the other, not both so I tend to use the wheel button for horizontal and the wheel scroll for vertical. As I said before it is intuitive and fast. I had to try it to remember what I do cuz I don’t think about it anymore. I hope this helps.


And how do you scroll up and down with the mousewheel on a macbook pro?[/quote][/quote]

just scrolling up and down with two fingers.
and fo horizintal, just scrolling left and right with two fingers

Ah…! This sounds like clicking the wheel button then physically moving the mouse around to move the Arrange page ‘view’ under the cursor, as desired… I can do that with my MS Trackball…

Usually though, under Windows, I too use ‘Shift+’ wheel-scroll to move horizontally. Wish it was round the right way though (down for right; up for left).

I have my thumb button set to Shift, so scrolling horizontally is quick and easy.