Quick Question on Avid Artist Transport with Cubase 7 or 8


I’m thinking about picking up an Avid Artist Transport. I’ve searched all around in forums and for videos as well as the cubase key commands, and I can’t seem to get a definitive answer about something related to audio editing workflow with the Transport.

Is it possible, either through some Eucon method, or with Cubase key commands that I’m not able to find as of yet, to make a selection in the Project windows WITHOUT the mouse? So, for example, could I use a hardware controller (in this case the Artist Transport, but could be the CMC-TP or the CC-121, or anything that has jog/shuttle wheel and editing capability), to scroll through the project, make a selection on a specific track (either say select an audio region, or maybe perform a range selection) using solely the controller with no mouse interaction at all?

Or do you always have to use the mouse to select the object that you want to work/focus on?

For me, this goes a long way to justifying the controller’s impact on my editing workflow.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me answer this.