Quick reference card for 5.x?

One of the first things I did when I started experimenting with Dorico was to print out this page and laminate it. I haven’t tried all of these, but I am wondering if this is still accurate as-is? Even if it doesn’t have all shortcuts, are the ones on here at least still valid?

If not, it would be great if the team could keep this up to date with newer releases. It’s invaluable for new users.

The latest version can always be found here:

We’ve not updated it for Dorico 5, but the version available on the blog is for Dorico 4.3, and is newer than the one you’ve posted here.

When can we expect it to be updated for 5.x?

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I’m not sure – it’s not something we are actively working on at the moment. My colleague Anthony is the one who handles this, but he’s currently very busy with other projects.

Everything on the card still holds true for v5. **

The commands forAudio Scrubbing and the Insert mode backstop could be added, I suppose.

Though there’s only so much you can get on one sheet of paper.

** Oh, “Play from start of Flow” still has the v4 shortcut (Shift Opt Space) assigned, but this conflicts with Option Space used by Scrubbing.

Entering dotted notes with double tapping the number was added in V5 as well. (IIRC)

And a glossary.

The way we author our manuals means that they’re not really designed for physical printing, I’m afraid. The writing style plus the regularity of updates means I personally wouldn’t recommend printing it out.

We have a First Steps guide for new users that’s around 100 pages, but that’s a step-by-step tutorial rather than reference material. (And that too is about to get a fresh update, so don’t rush to print it…)

You could look up some of the third-party resources that have been written about Dorico, such as:

This thread seems to have taken a sudden 90 degree turn, so back on topic:

Thanks for the update about the quick reference card. Yes, it’s not practical to assume all shortcuts to be printed there, but just the most commonly used or impactful ones. Which is what I liked about it. I will continue with the most recent version.