(Quick ,simple Bench test ) Now the gremlins have been sorted out on my system

It’s really bloody stable now , to be honest .
A week of hair pulling , wanting to jump off of bridges , throw myself in the croc pit at the zoo , it looks like with all the help from various parts of the forum and the complete reinstall , C13’s really bloody stable . Not a hint of a crash , Mind you , for me crashing wasn’t an issue , it was performance ,well :
Just a test :
16 SSL sat x
4 Pro R2’s
20 of Cubases own Plugins on 16 tracks
3 x Sonarworks
Supervision and …The monster it’s self …:

The one and only

Multitap Cpu killer with All pre’s , Taps and Post used .
Not even a grumble , less than a 1/4 of the Asio used and sitting absolutely rigid .

So all i can say about this situation is , i have a funny feeling that the UPDATE installer doesn’t like C12’s preferences at all and no matter what you do there’s going to be gremlins .
New install , followed step by step Graphic card adjustments from the forum and im glad to say … ONE WHOLE DAY of not an issue . It really does feel rock bloody solid .

Should we have to go through this every release ? NO But Steinberg are showing willing to get these issues dealt with and i hope the next update comes quick for a lot of you , im actually nervous about moving off of C13 .0.10 now , it’s so sloid .

It’s been a lot of hard work to reach this point , we shouldn’t have to go through it but i tell you ,there’s light at the end of the tunnel :+1: :ok_hand:


Didnt you upgrade your system? New cpu?

You could say that , yes

Interesting…I am running the i9 processor.
Wonder if you might be kind enough and have time and run a test that can give folk a rough benchmark.
This is not meant to be scientific, just a snapshop of what CB13 might be capable of doing.

There is a Dom Sigalas YTube thing he did some time back in 2021 Link…

There is a dropbox link in his coments to the CB project…

Here is what I am getting,

CB 12 Win 11, RME FFUC

Kind regards,

Not a bad idea , i will pop back too this thread soon, i just want to enjoy Cubase at the mo , it’s been a loooooooooong week of 10/14 hours a day to sort this bloody mess out .

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Actually you got me intrigued so , Here’s a test , i don’t know if it’s the same as Doms but :

Midi tracks with padshop active playing
101 on 64 buffer before peaking out Rme FF800

Audio with a tone gen on each track
1022 tracks before peaking out with the same settings
I never added any insert due to different peoples needs but … it’s not bad
Btw Steinberg track count system only goes up to 1000 lol

I can fairly say there’s enough power there for a drone track :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:

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I was hoping you might run the CB project from Dom S’s drop box, the test you have shows you could create one hell of a drone, that bust me up man :joy:

The project of Dom’s has Retrologue running 3 osc all with 8 voices into a comp and then through REVelation reverb on every track as inserts, so it’s pretty intensive proc. wise.
PS it’s safe to run as all of faders have been turned down.
I’m interested in getting some idea (guesstimate) of the multi threading improvements in CB 13 if possible.

I might have to wait for the Trial version to run it on my maschine.

Thanks for looking into tho’

Kind regards,

NO , nothing goes on this machine , unless it’s from my system .
It’s completely up to you , there’s some results, if you are programming midi and tracking you will achieve a vast more amount of tracks

Fair, about keeping your maschine clean. Its only a cpr file and if you are working with other folk sometimes you need to do this, so I didn’t see it as an issue.
Thanks for taking time anyway.