Quick switching between plugin collections

Hi folks,
does anyone know if there is a way to quick switch between plugin collections? I have a Behringer X-Touch and when all my plugins are in one list the rotary encoder skips 3 at a time which renders it a bit useless (no idea why). I remedied the issue by splitting the list into two collections. The rotary now scrolls through all the plugins one by one in each collection which is great but I want to be able to quick switch between the collections. I hoped there might be a mappable key command but I can’t see one. Am I just stuck with mouse-ing the collections? Cheers in advance.


Is splitting the list into two collections a Behringer or Cubase Plug-in list function? I’m a bit lost here, but my reference is a QconPro which I no longer use.

I’m just curious how many plug-ins you use?

It did not skip 3 at a time, however to scroll through my entire list of plug-ins was obviously ridiculous unless you have a very limited amount of plug-ins.

My basic issue was once you stop scrolling, there is no delay…it immediately loads the plug-in the moment you stop scrolling when you actually may need a second to decide among which type of plug you want to load, or better yet on the DAW controller, push, pull or do something to actually load it after scrolling. Just scrolling and once stopping it loads is ridiculous.

So yes, for me another failed function of a DAW controller when the mouse is much more efficient. But your experience with an X-Touch may be different.

Hi Greg,
splitting the plugins into separate lists is a Cubase function. Essentially just creating two separate collections.
I have quite a few and I use various ones for different flavours and for production ideas, but it seems you don’t need many for the list to start skipping.
I agree that the immediate selection is a big issue. I’m now leaning toward setting up different collections depending on the task; writing and production, tracking, mixing, mastering as I have some favourites is use in each. There will be crossover but meh, it kinda works.
What I was originally looking for was a way to switch between those collections on the fly, but there is no way to write the function in the key commands or using a logical editor it seems.

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Using Mackie protocol, ieBehringer, no I don’t know of any way that is possible.