Quick tip about using Vocal chain

Hi all. Was trying Vocal chain as an insert on a vocal track. I normally route vocals to a group but wanted to see what it can do. When I got to the delay I couldn’t get stereo delays even though I set it properly. Then I realised that I had to go to the audio track and change the track itself from mono to stereo first. So remember to do that if inserting vocal chain into a mono vocal track directly and want stereo delay… Ed

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Ideally you’d still route your (mono) vocals to a stereo group and insert the vocal chain there.

Just as you would when building up any other vocal chain with individual plugins.

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I know. I said that I normally do. But I was testing as an insert on a mono track to see what would happen as I suspect a lot of users will probably not assign to groups. I know many musicians who think they should have a reverb inserted on every audio track!

I myself was wondering how I would use the vocal chain plugin when it comes to multiple backing vocals. So you would recommend sending all the backing vox to a stereo bus and then having one instance of the plugin to process the group?

I normally do use groups for things like backing vocals. It means you use a global EQ, reverb etc. And of course you can still make adjustments to the individual tracks too.

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