Quick trap hats in cubase?

More and more clients are requiring this style of hat programming, after watching videos on youtube, it appears that it is super simple in FL or Ableton, but quite tedious in Cubase.

Any tips on speeding up the flow of creating these? I seen a technique using loop mash, but its not easy to be precise with it. ?


I’m sorry, could you be more specific? What exactly does it mean? Any link which describes the technique? How does it work in other DAWs and what would you expect from Cubase?

It’s hihats on 32th bursts, any daw can do that

Groove Agent is good at this if you want to trigger 32/64 bursts of hihats using note repeat under the perform tab.

You can somewhat achieve it with Groove agent SE and the midi FX.

Or you can just program it in to a midi track.

Open the drum editor, then click the v button to the right of the Snap section of the toolbar to change the grid type to “Use Quantize”:

This will allow you to quickly draw machine gun hi-hats by just clicking once and then dragging, based on the current Quantize Preset.

If you’re watching videos for other DAWs:

“1/12” in Cubase is “1/8 Triplet
“1/24” in Cubase is “1/16 Triplet
“1/48” in Cubase is “1/32 Triplet

There’s a lot of ways to easily do trap hi hats/snares in Cubase. Another way not mentioned yet is using the Beat Designer midi plugin.

Thanks guys, i was trying this but doesnt seem to let u use multiple quantize settings?

I think you should be able to drag midi parts in groove agent pattern pads. After creating each part with your different quantize.

There’s no quick way to do this in Cubase. Sometimes it’s better to create a loop in Logic Ableton or FL and import it…

This is one of many aspects of mordern electronic music creation that has been neglected by Steinberg.

I don’t really do that kind of style but when I need something similar, what I do in Logic is create one long midi note and then alt+ scissor tool the note at the first 32th lenght so it chops up the long note in equal 32th notes. I know that Cubase has a similar shortcut(that I don’t remember). You can then further chop up those notes for some variations, change velocities, etc. Takes 2 seconds.


Cubase has the same shortcut, but I find using the Drum Editor much easier.

Again, you can just use the drum editor.

When I change the quantize in the drum editor / drum map. There are no changes it always stays at 1/16.
Could you please explain why?

See this post:

You have to change the quantize type first for the Drum Editor grid to follow your project’s Quantize Preset.

You can use the line tool in Cubase. Just select the line tool and draw a horizontal line, and it will create 16th, 32th, (or whatever quantize setting you choose) notes for as far as you draw out the line. Super easy.

beautiful yet, been meaning to try this since i seen it somehwere in a video!

Going further with this. is there way to make it so that it skips a note and does every second note etc?

or i guess thats pointless given the right note values, right? am i tripping?

I have understood these to be called velocity ramps, but with 64 rather than 32. I have them set up in my template along with other common trap fills and I just copy and paste them in the midi piano roll where needed for hi hats or snares. That’s pretty quick to me. If you just repeat the notes as some suggest, it will sound like a machine gun. Back in the day, I manually programmed a midi build up roll on a large cymbal like you would hear in orchestral music and copied and pasted it where needed, so this really isn’t anything new. Just do it once, and copy/paste. Laziness is the father of invention.

try to use midi modifiers like arpache 5 and arpache sx to control trap hi-hats speed