Quick way to change Time Stretch algorithm? Open clip into pool? Copy clip name?

So this is the second feature I’m cutting on Nuendo. I love it. But there’s a LOT of ADR that doesn’t match the lips, so I have to do a lot of time stretching. Whenever I’m making a clip longer, “Elastique Pro- Formant Tape” sounds the best because it’s the only one where I don’t hear digital artifacts. But if I make a clip shorter, the pitch shift is far more noticeable, so I’d like to switch to “Formant Time”.

I see that if I find the clip in the Pool Window, I can choose which algorithm to use on that clip. But it’s a feature, so I have thousands of clips. Finding the right one is tough. Because I’m bringing in audio from Avid, the file names are like 25 characters long and the characters are random. So manually typing the name into the search window is … frustrating.

So is there a way to either:
1- open a clip on my timeline into the Pool window?
2- copy the name of the clip from the timeline so I can paste it into the Pool Window?
3- change the algorithm in some easy keyboard mapped button?

Thanks in advance.

You could maybe try using the .Logical Editor to do that.

Thank you for your quick reply.

You obviously have tons more experience with Nuendo than I do. I need more explanation. I don’t see how the Logical Editor would help me choose specific clips from the timeline and let me choose to use either the “Formant Tape” or “Formant Time” algorithm. The Logical Editor seems to be a tool for selecting all of a certain type and then doing an action. Do you somehow set it up to send the clip names of any clip you’ve selected to the search window in the Pool Window? Or how would you program it to do what I need?

I’m stumped.


Hi Spencer, first off I assume you’re using the auto-align feature to fit your ADR to the reference track. To be honest I’ve never had to switch algorithms to do this work. Also, referencing your post these features do not change the pitch of a file. You should be able to find one setting that works, this is easier than what your proposing. Anyways, I’ll see if I can use the logical editor to do this.

Ok, so the easiest way to do this is by adding the algo type to the info line by right clicking on it and adding the algorithm column. That way you can select your tracks and change the algo from there.


OMG! You are GLORIOUS!!! That is a perfect answer! That makes it SOOOOO easy!! You are beyond rocktacular!!

I WISH I had a reference track. Unfortunately, for about 20 minutes of the film, there is no original audio. It all got lost. On top of that, some actors couldn’t come in to a location where video could be played. Because they had nothing to reference to, some of the audio is WAAAYYYYY off. So sometimes I’m going syllable by syllable to adjust speeds to match their mouths. When you are doing this much speed bending, you run into the pitfalls of each of the different methods. There’s sometimes pitch shifting, digital artifact, phase combing, pops… But now you made it so I can switch between them easily.

YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!! THANK YOU :slight_smile:

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I would (and already did) use Melodyne for tasks like that.

Thanks. I’ll check out Melodyne.