Quick way to copy notes from one track to another track

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems the quickest way to copy midi events (like ‘notes’) from one track to another track from the project page is:

  1. From the project page, select both tracks and open them together in key edit,
  2. select and copy the data from one of the tracks.
  3. While still in key edit, select the other track data and paste the data from 2).
  4. Come out of key edit. You can remove the unwanted track if needed.

If you want to copy all the notes that are in a MIDI Part you can just alt+drag the part to copy it onto a new Track. Or plain drag to move.

Alt+drag as raino said, plus ctrl when you release the part onto the new track if you want it at exactly the same time position.

Or ctrl+c to copy the part in the arrange window, move cursor to start of part (b or n keys with origin track selected), select destination track, ctrl+v to paste.

This does not work as all the notes in the track that I have dragged to vanish as soon as I let go the mouse.

I tried alt+drag, but it won’t work. All the notes in the track that I have dragged to vanish and are replaced by the notes in the track that I moved. Only ctrl.Z will bring them back. I lose all the notes in the track I have dragged to.

I think raino and I are both referring to copying the midi part from the arrange page

I hold down alt and drag the string part to the spiz track, also pressing ctrl before I release it to constrain the part horizontally, so that it remains in exactly the same time position. The existing part on the spiz track doesn’t get deleted.

Alright. That doesn’t work for my copy of Cubase because all the notes vanish from the track I move to.

Select All on the track in question, and open the key editor. Are the notes there, in different parts?

Works here, maybe it’s a midi merge setting?

I did a test with 2 midi parts to demonstrate:

I alt+drag the top orange midi part onto the track below, press ctrl on release. The existing grey midi part can be seen through the copied part.

I used the glue tool to merge the two parts into one.

If I don’t glue the parts together, this is what it looks like when I expand lanes to see the 2 parts on the same midi track.

There’s nothing wrong with doing it the way you mentioned in your original post either, by copying and pasting notes from multiple parts open in the midi editor! Whatever works most efficiently for you :wink:

If I select all (ctrl A) on the selected track, all the tracks are selected on the project page. In any event, the notes are not there from one of the tracks after I open key edit.

My midi tracks cannot be overlapped by moving one track on top of another track. There is never any hatching. If a track covers another track, all the notes are lost from the covered track, with no hatching.

I never get any hatching like you have here. All I get is no hatching with disappeared notes.

Perhaps you could post a few pics of what you are doing & seeing to help folks understand what is happening. Or even better an animated gif showing the entire attempt.

I have an MP4 video but this forum can’t show MP4. I do not know any other way to send it except to refer you to a facebook post that shows it, here

Select all on the track - right click on the track header.

I can’t see the video in your link.

Don’t use Facebook myself (quite on purpose) so can’t see video.

I find this super useful for posting animations directly in these forums.

That app looks cool!

I also choose not to use facebook :wink: