Quick way to go to FX-Channels

Is there a quick way to go to the FX Channel just by simply clicking on the Audio Send of one of the channels that sends signal to the FX?

I’m having this huge template with hundreds of tracks and FXs, and try to find a solution to go back and forth between Track and FX-Channels.

AFAIK there’s no way to do that directly.

However, if you open the channel settings window for the track you can find the send FX target in the ‘Search Channels’ menu at top left of the window. Select the FX channel from the ‘Targets’ sub menu. There are also helpful arrows at the top left of the channel settings window allowing you to go back and forth between the last edited channels.

In the mixer, if you hold ‘alt’ (on Windows) and double click on the send-level, you’ll open the first insert on the fx channel in question. Not exactly what you’re asking for, but could be useful nevertheless …

@FishCorp Yep, good tip!

  1. If you want to edit the fx channel

If you want to edit the first inserted plugin of the fx channel

That’s great, thanks for your help!

How about some feature like this one attached? Should I open a new topic for that to raise some votes?

… actually - there is a key-command:
“Channel & Track Visibility” > “Agents: Show channels that are connected to the first selected channel”. You could assign a hotkey to this, and thus filter your mixer down to the channels relevant to the one you want to see. I’d probably make a macro instead, that saves the current visibility set and then triggers the Agent; thus you have a quick way back to where you came from.

You also have ‘Undo Visibility Change’.