Quick way to kill reverb tails while working?

Anyone know of a quick way to kill reverb tails while working? For example… I have this huge epic song that I’m mixing with INSANELY long reverb times… It would be nice sometimes to be able to reset/stop the reverb… Every time I move the cursor to work on a different position in the song, the reverb tails are still ringing out - so I have to wait for them to decay. Is there a way to quickly stop/reset the verb somehow?


Put a gate on it and side chain the gate to only open when the project is playing. Maybe send it sine wave or something that isn’t being sent to the main mix, just the gate’s side chain input.

Very creative idea! :slight_smile:

I also found another work-around too in case anyone wants to know. If I just drag the effect to a different effect slot, it resets that effect… it’s not quite as convenient as a reset quick key, but it does the trick.

You could also just turn the plugin off/on to kill the verb. (Alt+Click will turn it off)