Quick way to move to end of input in Galley View

For some reason I keep accidentally hitting P (or something) and my piece starts playing from the beginning, then I have to page all the way to the end to keep working. Is there a simple command to do this?

Command (or CTRL) End will take you to the very end of the last Flow.

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It sounds like you might pressing the space bar. Press it again to stop and then press right arrow. With any luck the note/rest you last entered will still be selected and right arrow will move to the next notational element and bring that page into view.

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If you have many empty bars at the end, try my idea in this thread.

If you select where you’re working and hit P twice, that sets the playhead there, so then if you inadvertently hit Space it won’t jump away. Also there’s a hidden command Play > Move Playhead to > Selection that does the same thing, which can be assigned a shortcut.

Also I just discovered default shortcuts involving Space for Play From Start Of Flow and Play From Last Start Position that perhaps one could hit accidentally.