Quick way to switch to piano sound

When I’m composing in Dorico Pro I’d love a quick way to switch to a piano sound. e.g. I’m working on a flute part but I want to play some chords. The score I’m working with doesn’t have a piano part and I’d rather not clutter it up by adding one.

Is there already a way to do this that I’m not aware of?

One way (quite sure there are others) is to just add a piano as an instrument in the Play tab (not in the score) and temporarily switch the playback instrument from flute to piano in the play tab. If you need to hear the flute in playback while noodling some chords, you can add the piano as an unused voice in the flute part.

When composing anytime I touch my MIDI keyboard I want to hear a piano sound and never the sound of the last staff I was working on. I leave standalone VST player open with a piano sound loaded, use a software MIDI router to send the MIDI signal to multiple ports simultaneously (on Windows I use Bome but there are freeware MIDI routers too), then in Dorico in Preferences/Play deselect Enable MIDI Thru.

The option to select a VST for all incoming MIDI info would be a great feature so Dorico could handle this without any further hassle, but the way I’ve been doing it works fine too. This way all staves playback with their specified sounds but any MIDI input sounds like piano.


I agree this would be a useful feature. Not sure what the best way to implement it would be though - it’s something that could be an annoyance to others. Swapping playback templates might be the way forward, or easy muting of play engines… I dunno - spitballing here, but some easy way of controlling midi thru rather than midi in.

Hi Steve, welcome back :slight_smile: A very quick way for me is using Microsoft GS Wave-table, which default is Piano…

Unfortunately there isn’t yet a template for all instruments, but for a simple piano it’s straightforward!

And here is an example with your flutes:
Fl.Pf.dorico (411.2 KB)