quickest way of adding favourite plugin?

Hi all, I was wondering what is the quickest way to add a plug-in to a part?
Currently I have to right click the part and go: Plug-ins/Waves/Reverb/Rverb, is there a shortcut to instantly add a custom plugin or a most used one to a part without all the fiddly mouse movements?

thanks :slight_smile:

I think the best you can do is create a plugin menu layout that puts your favorites at the top level of the menu. That at least saves you from having to dive deep into the menu.

Menu Studio->VST Plug-in Manager and in the top-right of that window you’ll find an option to create a new “collection”.

While that might be a little quicker for accessing any favorites it actually makes the selection of other plugins even slower! It adds yet another context menu to what is already a long winded process … Plug-ins/Default/Waves/Reverb/Rverb

Press F7. That will bring up the Direct Offline Processing dialog.

From there you can add favourites to make it quicker to select your most used processes or plugins.

Or just create a key command to process the audio part with your favorite fx, you can create a command for any plug in you have installed. Unless your talking about inserting an fx into a mixer slot.

Just create a collection to suit your needs and put your favorites in a convenient place the inserts menu. That doesn’t add anything to the insert selection process. You can leave other plugins where they are in the menu tree.

Not necessarily. You can structure it however you like so it makes sense to you. You can even included the same plug-in in multiple locations, for example in a favorites folder (actually for me this is the top level non-folder), a folder for Compressors, and another for plugs from UAD. Once you create a default Collection all your plugs will be organized exactly the way you want it. Can’t really get more custom than that.

Raino has a solid plan for your needs, but I might suggest another idea, as well. In your VST Plugins Manager when you open it up, are there duplicates of your various plugins? Not exact duplicates, but VST 2.4 examples along with the VST 3 examples? You mentioned Waves? One thing I notice about Waves and other plugins, there are multiple examples of the same plugin but with a different VST number. In C10 it makes no sense to have anything but 64bit VST 3 examples to draw from if the plugin maker produces a VST3 plugin (and some do not so be careful) - and I also think it slows the load process, as C10 checks the various examples, and typically there is a huge ‘Other’ folder that is unnecessary.

Here’s a picture of my VST plugins Manager, does your Manager look like this?

Loading a plugin for me is pretty straight ahead, and sure there are a lot of plugins to choose from, but actually my list is pretty concise.

Good advice, also FWIW, I only install the (x64) VST3 versions of plugins, and in the case of those brain-dead installers that blow everything onto the computer without offering options, I seek out the VST2 (and x86) dll’s and rename them so they don’t show up in applications.

Also, for anyone who doesn’t have this, it can be a great help, keeping your machine lean and mean. Click on Ultimate Plug-In Tool.

The plugin dialog has a search at the top. I use it all the time.

I use search. I’m not one for mousing around in menus. Would welcome custom names, but that’s another story!

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Thanks for all of your suggestions and tips guys! Will try a few and see what I get on with the best, much appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I switched to Studio One. There, you just activate a star next to the plugin. That’s all.

Cubase is just … I don’t know.