Quickest way to adjust how much silence between clips when using splice markers?

How are you guys adjusting the silence between tracks when using splice markers? I’ve just begun to mess with splice markers - I’ve always used standard markers in the past - and I’d use “Pause” under the CD tab to adjust gaps. With splice markers, obviously there’s no pause…

Are you guys just manually dragging clips? In that case, I’d always have to select the current clip plus all clips behind the existing clip (otherwise only the selected clip is moved). Entering a value into the clip pre-gap also moves only the selected clip.

How do I keep the spacing on all clips then when I make an adjustment?


If the previous method with the CD Wizard and the gaps worked for you, I’d just continue doing it exactly like you did before. After you’re done, just change all the start markers to splice markers, and delete the end markers. I think that would be a lot easier and faster than trying to adapt to a whole new way of adjusting.

I used to have a preset for converting the markers to do exactly that on the Convert Marker Types window on the Markers window, but they’re also really easy to manually convert and delete in the Marker window.

Also, on the ribbon Edit tab, I use Track or Global Ripple to move all following clips and markers correctly (assuming the markers are bound) without having to select and de-select clips all the time. It’s gotten me into trouble a couple of times, but it was a standard tool in my old mastering program, like it’s been in Wavelab as long as I remember.

Or rather than convert and delete markers, just use the Splice markers option and gaps in the CD Wizard in the first place.

Splice markers and gaps in the CD wizard works well, but not so well when I go to adjust them after… I haven’t messed with ripple before, but I’ll try it.

I like your idea of using the wizard my old way, and then changing start markers to splice markers, and then deleting end markers. Thanks so much Bob!


A few things:

  1. Creating CD Track Splice Markers using the CD wizard is definitely the way to go in 2018. Any spacing between songs lives on the previous track aside from ~200ms as a buffer between the CD Track Splice Marker and the first beat or sign of audio, assuming it’s not an album with overlapping or continuous audio such as a live album.

  2. You can set a preference for how much time exists between each audio clip when you import multiple clips into a new montage. This setting can be saved as part of your default montage template or other addtional templates. I chose 0 seconds as I like to manually feel out the spacing for each song.

  3. If you need to move clips around to manually adjust the spacing between songs, Ripple Mode is ESSENTIAL. You can activate Ripple Mode globally for all montage tracks or just per-track if for some reason that is better. I always have Global Ripple Mode on and then I just turn it off in the rare cases where I don’t want the following clips to follow along when adjusting the space between songs/clips.

Once this is done you can re-quantize the CD Track Splice Markers to the nearest CD frame so your DDP track markers will be 100% the same as your rendered WAV or mp3 track markers.

Here is my process:

  1. Make a new montage from my default template
  2. Import songs/clips and arrange them in order using the Import menu before they are inserted on the timeline
  3. Manually fine tune the spacing between each song add taper any fade outs on the clip(s) as needed. I’m in global ripple mode so all the following clips maintain their relationship.
  4. Use the CD Wizard to add CD Track Splice Makers for each song/clip, with the Quantize To Nearest CD Frame option turned on.


The CD Track markers are perfectly named as the song title because I have perfectly named the clips during my REAPER analog play and capture session during the export from REAPER. Then they can be easily pushed to CD-Text and eventually metadata with just a few clicks. A big time saver.

The files I insert into the montage automatically contain 200ms of digital black silence before the audio starts because I have REAPER add this when I export the printed versions of the songs. This way when WaveLab puts the CD Track Splice Marker at the start of each clip, it’s not too close to the downbeat and I don’t have to manually manage the start markers to create a short buffer. There is a way globally move all markers by a certain amount though if needed.

If I need to adjust the track spacing later, I stay in Global Ripple Mode, adjust the song spacing and all the following songs maintain their relationship with no need to select them all, re-quantize the CD Track Splice Markers to the nearest CD frame, and carry on.

Wow! Thanks so much guys! I just spent some time messing with it… and I really love using the ripple options! I never knew that was available until now, so that makes my world WAY WAY easier. Thank you SO much!! Really made my day here. Thankyou Bob and thankyou Justin!!