Quickest way to integrate external samples folder so they’re tagged / categorised in the media bay?

Is there any way of easily categorising all of my samples outside of cubase pro, so that they show up in the user section of the media bay?

Currently the only way i can see of accessing them is via ‘file browser’ and the resulting drop down menus, but I ideally want them categorised via media bay’s tagging system bass, drums etc and sub category’s for fasting accessing?

You can use Media Bay as a file browser, select multiple items and tag them from Media Bay. As a browser it is a bit clunkier than what an OS provides, but perfectly adequate for the task. Probably a lot of work no matter how you approach it - but once it’s done…

Hey raino thanks for the reply, I actually just found a Steinberg tutoríal vídeo on this just before you wrote. It’s all doable and the media bay is so freaking good! I LOVE CUBASE PRO 10 !!!


Hi triton100 could you post a link for the video? please and Thanks