quickest way to move tracks around a montage

what’s the quickest way to move tracks/change track order in a montage? this is one of the slowest, most fickle things in WL i think… and there must be a better way.

right now, the only way i know involves:

  • dragging the track you want do a different spot
  • moving all the other tracks over to make room for it
  • often changing “track” from 1 to 2 or 2 to 1 (to keep things “staggered” in staggered view mode"

it’s a very manual process that usually results in spacings or crossfades getting messed up… and a lot of fixing little things after simply changing a track order.

is there no way to simply say “move track 10 to be track 2” and have everything else fall into place accordingly?

hoping there is and i’ve overlooked it.


I haven’t tried it in Wavelab 10, but simply dragging the tracks in the CD tab tracklist in Wavelab 9.5 was improved by PG to perfection imo, where all edits, spacing, crossfades, markers, offsets, were placed exactly as I would expect. Have you tried just dragging the tracks in the CD tab “playlist”? It worked perfectly for me, and easy as iTunes.

However I don’t use stagger, but on one track it worked perfectly.

I usually drag them up or down in the CLIPS tab. I haven’t tried the CD Tab method.

There needs to be a “Clip Restagger” option for sure.

yeah, i did that this evening… it’s about the same as dragging the waveforms around the montage… you still have to re-“track” everything for staggered view… and it messed up my start and end markers and in the process a few other markers go orphaned…

it’s not the end of the world to have to rebuild the markers… but you’d think there’d be a smoother way to change track order… it’s quite a common thing to do!

If you mean you dragged the clips up and down in the clips tab, that’s definitely not the best way to do it since PG improved the drag in the CD tab imo. The clip tab is how I used to do it, but I thought I’d see how the CD tab drag had progressed in Wavelab 9.5 so I tried it and I think PG nailed it. Stagger I don’t know, but with cd tracks on a single montage track, drag to reorder on the CD tab worked perfectly. Maybe it does stagger fine, but if it doesn’t do stagger well that could be a feature request

However trying it quickly with Wavelab 10, there are some things which I would not expect: if a track has a splice marker and crossfade at end it moves both tracks. I would expect it to only move the first track leaving the end splice marker as the point where the new next track would start. I believe that’s how Soundblade (which I’ve used as model, and is probably like other mastering program models) have done this. To me moving both tracks makes no sense. In a reorder the crossfade would often be into a different track, but the endsplice position should be retained as the start point for the (new) next track, and then adjusted afterward if needed. For me, from a timing standpoint, it should be exactly like reordering final rendered files in an iTunes playlist, some of which would have partial crossfades at beginning or end of file.

But try it out and see if it works better for you, or if there are things you would change.

thanks! i never even tried dragging in the CD tab… i’ve since fixed this project. but next time i need to do it i’ll try that way for sure.

I may have spoken too soon, because I’m getting a lot of the old error messages when trying to reorder tracks in an album with a lot of crossfades, which really shouldn’t be happening. Don’t know why the previous project I tried seemed to work so much better, but I’ll look into it.